Monday, 26 April 2010

MiLK HaRE Update: Sound Bytes

One of the primary tasks in animation, soundtrack design, is now well underway - with the narration, effects and musical score all in production. A successful day in the recording studio provided enough material to produce a first cut of the voice-over.

Our young actress provided six or so takes of the main monologue, which was then edited into a single track - along with various other vocal effects, including a range of high-pitched screams that she happily provided.

On the musical side, brief and storyboards have been passed onto the composer who will work from these to produce the music. The remaining soundscape is being designed from royalty-free audio clips, which I aim to replace later with our own sounds. A few overnight audio recording sessions deep in the woods have been set aside for this over the next couple of weeks :)

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