Saturday, 1 May 2010

White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit!

Happy Beltaine! It’s May, so a quick review of projects in production and the pipeline.

Last night was spent shooting photos and throwing fire near the marshes in celebration of the new season, which was good fun and a great opportunity to get out at night with the challenges of lighting, camera control and composition - although there are no specific plans for the footage.

Sound for the MiLK HaRE animation is in production, with the voice-over recorded and musical composition a foot. I’ve put together a rough edit for the sound design from library audio clips, which we will use as a guide. This evening Patrick and I will venture into the woods to record some external sounds, followed with the recording indoors in the wee small hours, when the background noise pollution is lower.

The main production challenges for May are to plan the structure of the animation with animatics and start design of the 2D sequences, both lengthy and time-consuming tasks.

And that’s all folks, have a fortuitous month ahead :)

White Rabbit Animation

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