Thursday, 1 April 2010

White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit!

April Fool!!!! Actually, joking aside, it's ruddy April already (so much to do, so little time!) So, a quick review of projects in production and in the pipeline.

Full steam ahead on the MiLK HaRE animation project. Last month we managed to find our outdoor location - an abandoned saw mill in Bedgebury forest - and exterior shots of the derelict cabin, establishing shots of the forest and other woodland details were taken. These can be seen in their unadulterated format on the MiLK HaRE AV Clip Library on Vimeo and are being distributed under a Creative Commons Licence.

The main challenge for this month is sound (both sound effects and music). There are three tasks which need to be set in motion in April:

Narrator Voice-Over
A key sequence of the production requires narration. A young actress has been secured for the role and I'm currently trying to negotiate some recording studio time to ensure that the output is of the highest quality. Our deadline for narration sound production is the end of April.

Sound Effects
Original sound effects (woods, animal noises, footsteps, etc.) are required for the production. I'm keen to capture these soon, as many are seasonal. Dates have been arranged in April for a couple of overnight recording sessions in the woods and other remote locations – so watch this space for some 'Blair Witch' style reports!

Musical Score
I am so excited! I hope to collaborate with a wonderful (and extremely talented) German music student who is studying at HKU Utrecht. I have to prepare a comprehensive brief, so I'm busily translating the thumbnail boards into full storyboards so we can determine style, ambiance and duration. Directing the composition of an original musical score is new to me, so it's going to be a great opportunity to learn.

And that's all folks!
Hope you don't fall foul of any April Fools and have a lucky month ahead.

White Rabbit Animation

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