Thursday, 15 November 2012

Monsters Ashore: The Singing Loins

And here is the final music video.  Producers, actors and co-collaborators, a HUGE THANK YOU for all your hard work and support. I've really enjoyed, appreciated and learnt a great deal from working with you all. I hope that we can all get together for another voyage into the unknown again sometime.

The good ship Arethusa battles terrifying creatures from deep in nightmarish seascape - but is the real monster at her helm ..?


Song Written By Broderick & Allen, from the album ' on earth' (DAMGOOD405CD), Damaged Goods Records. Published by Vacilando '68 (Bucks Music Group). A White Rabbit Animation Production. Director: Emma Windsor, Original concept: Shorebird Crick, Cast: The Singing Loins & Fola Akinsola, Production / Technical: Patrick Murphy & Sylvia Lim, Camera: Dan Wylie & Emma Windsor, Digital Artwork & Animation: Michaela L. Czech, Ellie Dickens & Emma Windsor, Monster Make-Up & Illustration: Katie Broderick, Special Thanks: Jay Allen, Mike Tappenden, Nadia Ward & Seth Woolf. Find out more about the Loins:


  1. I like it all very much, particularly love the artwork. Congrats to all involved!

    1. Cheers Cranky Bird (sorry for the slow reply!) I shall pass on the congrats to everyone :)

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