Friday, 12 October 2012

You Make My Loins Sing! The Eclectic Aesthetic Of Fola Akinsola

I've had the very real privilege of collaborating with a number of artists from different disciplines whilst working on the music video 'Monsters Ashore' for the Singing Loins' forthcoming album '...Here On Earth.'  Amongst those already mentioned is the very lovely Fola Akinsola - a graphic artist, model and all round good sport who lives and works in Kent, UK.

I hope you like her work as much as I do...

rustic - quirky - vintage - upcycled - recycled - unique - imperfect 

Old & rarely new materials say it
Born via the desire to channel my energy and creativity 
in a fun and light way
using words objects and things of beauty
I've always loved anything tactile, old, textured, 

shabby, rustic and broken.

When these things are put together something happens...

To purchase her work, commission the artist or to simply find out more please contact her: folasart [at]

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