Monday, 1 November 2010

White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit..!

BANG! November already and no apologies from October either as it impatiently barges past ;) Hope you had a suitably spooky Halloween and here's the monthly round up of projects in production and in the pipeline...

MiLK HaRE Teaser Released
Hurrah! After hard slog throughout October, I've finally been able to release a Halloween teaser for the MiLK HaRE project, which can be seen here.

Still a fair bit to do mind you, including further outdoor stop-motion/pixilation and post production on both audio and visual - but it's getting there. With the current timetable, I now aim to release the completed short sometime around Christmas 2010. Huge thanks to Dennis for his work on the music, to the Pudding Club and to everyone on Facebook/Vimeo for their kind words and 'likes'. I'll continue to keep you posted on production :)

New Projects In The Pipeline
College is now well underway and the first collaborative production project has been set. Working with a music student, our task is to express a random word with animation. Apparently, our word means 'disordered perception or hallucination', ah serendipity!

Anyway, must dash - time she is a tickin'

Have a lucky month ahead.

Emms x

White Rabbit Animation

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