Thursday, 1 July 2010

White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit!

And it's July! I hope you had a wonderful Summer Solstice and kept the fire burning until dawn :) As ever, a quick review of projects in production and in the pipeline:

The MiLK HaRE animation project is progressing slowly. Work has started on The Book sequence, which will be produced as 2D artwork and animated in After Effects. As the soundtrack (voice-over, sound effects and music) is now complete and the animatic finalised, the next stages are design and movement. Illustrations that build on earlier explorations combining real photographic images with stylised vector graphics are underway and I've opted to photograph actors to produce short pixilated stop-motion sequences that will breathe life into the celestial characters of The Sun and The Moon.

(See the process in the image above. Left: Camera and lighting 'rig'. Actor lies on floor and rests head against dark background. Canon 450D DSLR camera above with remote control. Top Right: Actor pulls expressions and completes short sequences, step-by-step, under camera. Bottom Right: Photo is edited in Photoshop for use in final animated sequence.)

July has been earmarked for the production of The Book sequence with the aim of releasing it as a 'trailer' sometime in August. Running at approx. 1:45 - there's an awful lot to do! Phew, and it's hot too!

Have a lucky month ahead ;)

White Rabbit Animation

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