Thursday, 1 October 2009

White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit!

First of the month again (I swear time is speeding up you know) so a review work in production and in the pipeline.

The second White Rabbit promo is almost complete - in fact it would be complete if it wasn't for blasted technical issues in Flash. The soundtrack is falling out of synch with visuals, which is *most* frustrating. Animator David Edwards also mentioned this issue with regard to lip-synching (his remedy is to add the soundtrack in post with Premiere).

Also, huge thanks to Matt Juckes at CableSaladStudios who tickled the ivories to produce the 'Enjoy Yourself' soundtrack.

Further, I've found a model for the next White Rabbit promo and a date has been scheduled to film the live-action sequences, so watch this space! For this production I intend to use rotoscoping techniques and also Adobe After Effects to provide a smoke effect. This will be the first time I've used After Effects so I've just purchased a recommended book, "The After Effects Illusionist". I've thumbed through and it looks like a great resource, so fingers-crossed!

On the stop-motion studio front, we've installed additional electrical points in the room and ordered blackout material for the windows, but we're trying to decide whether to hang blackout curtains to divide the room (my choice) or to use a screen to divide the room (his choice). Any advice from photographers or animators would be most welcomed.

MiLK HaRE is also bubbling along nicely, but a separate update for subscribers will follow.

And that's all folks! Have a great month and stay lucky!

White Rabbit Animation