Saturday, 1 August 2009

White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit!

Well, its the first of the month, so a quick review of work in production and in the pipeline:

Got some good footage from a shoot last weekend for Jugglez. The plan is to produce a series of rotoscoped sequences for the club website depicting the activities members can learn (juggling, poi, diablo, stilt-walking, unicycling.) Filming rapid and spacious movement has not been without its challenges, particularly as these animations will be displayed on letterbox-shaped banners throughout the site, but as the aim is for quite abstract movement and colour, all should be OK.

Also have another couple of animated bunny shorts in the pipeline to join the Bunnyzilla epic "Oh, No, There Goes Tokyo!" Boards for the first short in production, "Enjoy Yourself", are in progress and I hope to record a pianist for the soundtrack soon. The second short will also be rotoscoped, but requires someone with quite specific acting/modelling skills, so production may be some time yet.

Preparations for the stop-motion studio are also well underway. The Canon DSLR was delivered yesterday and I have that 'Boxing Day' feeling :) Will spend this evening installing, collaborating (and no doubt swearing loudly at) it. We've also decided on a Zoom H2 recorder for audio capture. Still scouring e-Bay for lighting kits, lens adaptors, (Nikon) lenses, tripods, microphones, and studio 'furniture' like black-out curtains and sandbags. (If anyone has any suggestions or decent second-hand kit, then please let me know).

Anyway, have a great month and stay lucky!

White Rabbit Animation